Woman’s Worth

“A real man knows a woman’s worth and he will do everything to please her. A real man treats her as if his life depends on her. I will be honest with you, women deserve everything their heart desire. Women are the best thing that ever happen on earth. They are jeweleries that need to be adored.

For real, if you please a woman, she will forever remain yours. Nothing is too much to offer to a woman you love. A woman needs to be treated like a queen and cherished like a new soul. The only way to get to a woman’s heart is to make her feels important.

Wait a minute! What about men’s worth? I do all that have been  mentioned above to adore my woman without a positive response and she thinks all is well with me. Not at all! Sometimes I needed a shoulder to rest on and a soft voice in my ears with the words ‘you are my world’.Each time I feel the emptiness in my heart, I try to make up excuses for her but I still feel the pain.

I told her my needs but she wouldn’t listen. She thought it should be all about her only. I love my woman but I’m not getting what I want from the relationship.” Let’s get Realwithkem!


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  1. I which i could see someone that will love me truely and that I will also love in return,we will both love each other with passion.

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