Waiting on Love

Comfort creates peace of mind. Happiness is the greatest source of joy, and living a satisfying life is what anyone  wishes. I am glad to maintain and enjoy all that is within me. My life is good and is worth living.

Sighting a young handsome man by the beach bank is not what I want at this time because I am happy without a man.

I liked his pleasant voice though, especially when he said he would do anything to win my heart. Seriously! I laughed because I thought it wasn’t possible. “I do not need a man so I am cool”. I  thought to myself.

We exchange numbers just for the sake of it.

Ding! A text came into my phone “I’m walking you home, you are not alone my Queen to be”. The text message prompted me to smile.

It has been five months, six days now, Sam never missed a day without sending me love messages every morning. He would stop-by at my place of work to bring me gifts on weekends, gift packages at my door at least twice a week.

He never missed sending me good-night text messages. I never knew love could be built, I started having reasons to love Sam. I look forward to all the things he does.

I finally sent him a message that we should talk. Then, he started by asking for a chance to prove his love for me. From the bottom of my heart, I said yes.

We dated for a year and then got married. I never regretted saying yes to him. He is all my heart has been patiently waiting for. I never knew I wasn’t happy before I met him but now I could tell the difference in my life being with him. Our sex life is fantastic- crazy sex always with lots of affection.  I am always looking forward to be with him. I hope this will last forever.

FOR REAL! I turned around in bed only to find out I have been dreaming.

And I recently broke up with my boyfriend for cheating on me. Anyway! I will continue waiting on LOVE, I know it will come one day. Always get Realwithkem!

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