“Oh the spirit of love! I cherish and adore you. You move with a huge wave to  wherever your attention is needed. You heal and give life to whom that knows and wants you. You also have a marvelous magnetic power that could put a life on hold, I now asked of you to magnetise my soul where my happiness is been embedded.”

For real! I always acknowledge the spirit of love and praise its existence.

I believed we all have the power to sow the seed of love in any fertile soil with the assurance that, it will produce a good growth of love. The soil is assumed to be your partner, and you have the will to build your love in his/her heart. Just make sure you have observed her well enough before you put your best in her or else you can get stuck in an unhappy relationship. One of the reasons why you may be stuck is because you believe you have put too much resources into the relationship than to let go of it. Don’t get me wrong, It is bad to easily let go of your relationship but it is worse to get stuck in an unhappy relationship. The good thing is that you can avoid unhappy relationship by getting into it at first with your brain not your heart.

 Let’s get Realwithkem

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