My regrets in Love


Do you think there are tutorials to love life or special recipes to making it work? The answer is NO. 

This is my story. I have everything a gorgeous, elegant, and classy woman should have. I am smart, tall, slim, with an angelic voice. I cherish love life because it renews my soul, and sustains life. It is funny that all men want to have a romantic relationship with me, and I never get afraid to go on a ride with them if they can be great wranglers. All I need to do is to sit back and observe his work, and how he will get through the bumps on the road without getting us hurt. 

It was a summer day on the field busy doing my exercises. A tall, built, white bearded, dark, and handsome guy walked up to me. He had a good sense of humor. Oops! He said “Hey cutie!” I smiled because he got me with his approach. The guy’s name is Teddy, I enjoyed our conversation. Teddy wanted to date, yeah! I accepted. I wish Teddy was buoyant financially but he was not. Apart from that, Teddy is caring, loving, affectionate, respectful, a good communicator, a good listener, and very brilliant. I started having strong feelings for him, which led us to a serious relationship. We could not do without each other. I used to do most of the spending because I am from a wealthy family. I used to manage my father’s business at the time. There was a day I went to see Teddy and I saw him sad. I asked if he was okay, and he said “ I have the feeling of losing you to another man that has what I lacked.” I screamed at him and said “NO! I love you, I cannot do anything without you.” I was able to light up his mood and we went out for dinner. It was another drama when we got to the restaurant. A lady slapped her man for looking at another lady. The guy that was slapped was calm and just walked away. I felt bad for the poor guy and I gave the lady a bad look. Teddy was quiet, he didn’t utter a word concerning the incidence. He just focused on us and started a conversation about our future. 

June 10th was Teddy’s birthday, and I celebrated him by organizing a living-room party. I invited my friend Joy, and she came with another lady named Tracy. Teddy was all over me on that day, he got crazy when he saw me but in a good way though. I didn’t give him lots of attention because I had a lot going on my mind on that day. The party was over and I left Teddy to go to my house because I had to work the next day. I got to the office feeling tired, especially seeing clients waiting to see me. I called the first client into the office and I was surprised to see the guy who was slapped at the restaurant the other day. He introduced himself as Joe. I didn’t want to say anything at first. I let him explain what he wanted, which was how to get a lawyer to handle all his properties. Hmm! Then I told him about the incident at the restaurant. Joe was amazed when he saw my reaction to the incident. We exchanged information and that was it. I got home thinking of this wealthy guy. Poor Teddy, I started withdrawing myself from him because of Joe. On a Saturday morning, Teddy brought an engagement ring to my house to ask if we could get married. Oh my God! I sent him away, he wept and I had no remorse at all. I started thinking of how to have a lovely family with Joe- a wealthy guy anyway. Teddy tried everything to make our relationship work but I didn’t let it happen. Joe asked me out and I accepted, it was rosy and he would bring gifts to my office every day. However, I missed how Teddy used to plan the future with me, Joe will not sit with me to make plans. I even heard Teddy ended up with the lady Tracy and they resident in England with three children. Unfortunately, in the end, Joe left me for a former president’s wife. That hurts.Love life is like an equation that has many ways to solve. I will rather celebrate love after years of being together than the beginning because it is scary to see two love birds go their different ways. Now I am scared to love because  I know it is not a ride, it is someone’s precious heart that needs to be handled delicately. My philosophy to sit back and watch where the wrangler takes me is wrong, both parties in love should focus on the path they take during the ride of love. Distraction is the biggest enemy in lovers’ lives, two lovers should see themselves as a world and ignore every other thing around them. I am happy being single but I would have been happier with Teddy. I lost my chance of true love.

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