My Desire part 1

Damn! He is hot, the facial hair is my thing. It makes him look more mature, muscular, and attractive. The way he speaks catches my attention, I can’t just stop smiling to myself. Damn! I am getting messed up in my brain. He seems sincere, and calm as he talks and that drags me even closer to him. I am still smiling to myself.

I was lost in thought for a moment as he continued telling me his good story, Oh my gosh! You need to feel what I am going through right now. Is this a dream come true or just fantasy? He has good communication skills, he got me hooked up with his story and I focused on his lips and his long fingers crossing into each other as he speaks. I need a good communicator  because I do not like a boring relationship. I could see his body hair, especially those ones on his chest. As he was busy talking, I was imagining myself rubbing on that chest hair and rubbing my body on him while he holds me in his strong arms. This cannot be true, he actually got me laughing and giggling, I like his sense of humor. This guy smells good and he is not trying hard to be intelligent. I could sense that he is smart and intelligent. He is a gentleman, with goals that are impressive.

Wait a minute! I hope I am not too pushy, I do not want to jump in and out of this relationship again. I have met many guys that were full of shit. They lied and played games with me. For real! I am in love with this handsome guy. I think I will just enjoy the ride and hope I will be landed in some way good. Sorry! Before I forget, his name is James. He left for his place that lovely evening after we both agreed to start a dating relationship.

James’s thoughts will not stop hitting hard on me. I can’t stop thinking of him. He is only a 35- year-old young man, which is perfect since I am only 33. My wedding will be a blast, I will like everything on the occasion to be pink and rosy. James will put on a pink bow tie and white shirt. Oh gosh! My brain needs to stay calm because I am going nuts over James. I would like to have a set of twins and a big house. Let me just stop!

I remember, James likes  surprises and I need to make him happy this weekend. James lives by himself in Georgia, USA. Since New York is not that far from his place. I am going to surprise my babe. I am packing just a small suitcase that could take me through the weekend. I will not call him, I am so excited. I need to dress warmly too, because it is usually colder in New York during the fall season. Okay! I need some sleep so I can catch the early flight tomorrow.


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