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You are right if you think men like hot ladies with beautiful nice boobs and shape. Do you think men want more in their women than how they look? Yes! Most men prefer women with natural beauty and looking sexy. 
It is a good idea for a woman to get herself sexy wears and take care of her natural beauty. Yeah! Men want to open up to their women without being judged😊 All you have to do as a woman is to be a good listener. A man’s beauty lies in his purposes of life. He likes a partner that plans future with him, sharing kind of the same longterm goals with him. Don’t get me wrong! A woman does not have to put her own goal under the rug because, men like women with dreams and goals, she just needs to have an interest in her partner’s goals. For real! Men like smart women that do not put all their energy into something unproductive. Compatibility is very important in a relationship, as such men prefer women not struggling to hold relationships together; want to be comfortable around them. More importantly, men like their women to have good vibes as in, being straight up, cheerful, honest, being in good mood, lovely but not possessive. Finally, men like their women to be their prostitute when it comes to sex, as in, do him as if you will get paid for it😳👈🏽
Always get Realwithkem.

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