Love Medication

One of my favorite games is dice rolling. Do you know why? When you about to roll your dice, you will have mixed feelings; the excitement of you winning and anxiety of you losing the game but either way, you will roll out the dice and deal with the outcome. Now let’s put the dice rolling and relationship together. When you are about to propose to her, I bet you can’t wait for her to accept your proposal then later when you are alone, you will get that perception of ”wow”! She accepted. “What if things didn’t work out as planned”? Yeah! Relationship is a game of winning, losing or just hanging-in till you exit from the game in any form. Good luck if you win but check if she is also winning 😉. Are you hanging in or losing? You are the only person that can decide for you. An outsider will never get it right, you have to make your smart choice. Think about the beginning of the relationship, the present and where the relationship could end; then you can now make your decision on what to do. Just make sure you are not sentimental with your accusations, write out your wrongs and rights then check if your wrongs caused the calamities in the relationship. If it did, make corrections if you can because no one is perfect. Just be sure you put in your best to fix it and if your best doesn’t work, see if you have paid enough for your wrongs; because sometimes, some partner will want you to pay for your wrongs. You should do all this in order to have peace within yourself in case you decided to quit. Finally, never let anyone make decisions for you concerning your love life, you can listen to people’s advice and suggestions then put what works for you together because you will be the only one to deal with your decision-making.

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  1. Well-defined n self explanatory write-up, keep it up Realwithkem, shalom to U n ur family.

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