It feels good to identify the soft and warm flesh rubbing on mine. Holding my arms tight around you, is the only thing I ever wished for. Pulling you to my heart reminds me of how it began. I remembered you never said any romantic word to me but you never stopped staring into my eyes. I said hello but you were speechless. Your glance spoke a lot about what you wanted. I could feel it. Yeah! You welcomed me when I walked up to you. Then, we became very good friends. I continued falling into your pit of affection.

You are always silent, and I sometimes  wonder what runs through your mind but I never got any answer. It is good to enjoy the heart that is full of exploring the gift of love. I love doing whatever makes you happy. I thought we were in love not until you came in unhappy. You wouldn’t eat or utter any word. You were pushed to speak after a week of silence. You said,” I am sorry I found the love of my life.” Oh no! I first thought I was under the ground while still alive. Tears couldn’t express my feelings neither a smile of any kind would analyze my thoughts. I said to myself ”Definitely! Not all who wanders is lost.” I thought you had feelings for me on that first day we met but I was wrong, my face might have reminded you of someone special to you. I was so hungry for love to think for you. I’m now seeing reasons in all that happened between us. I remembered you never told me you love me. I got deceived by your kindness for love not realizing it could be your usual self.  I was foolish to speak or think for you. Yes, I tried to do all that makes you happy but I never asked what really makes you happy. Now it’s hard to let go and also hurts to hang on. I now realized we choose the routes to our destination in life. Realwithkem!

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