Letter To My Love

      I can never forget that day, yeah! A beautiful and glorious day. I was joyful when I was staring into your eyes with a lovely smile and you said ”Till death do us part.” I can’t stop thinking of that statement and that gives me the reason to be totally submissive to the call of love. My life changed from that day and I see things in different ways. Life now makes a lot of meaning to me.

Sowing Seeds

Digging a hole may seem like fun and also can be difficult especially if the soil is not a friendly kind. Then we put seeds in the hole and face the commitment part which is watering the seeds for better growth. Yep! The most exciting part is the harvesting period. Let’s be Realwithkem here, all this illustration applies to a relationship. You can only harvest what you planted. Love is commitment and sacrifice. Forget about what you want to gain