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       The heart is the source of everything we do in our entire life. Our dear heart is the tool that directs the precious life we intended to live. The Holy Bible says ” our heart is the wellspring of life” ( Proverb 4). It is not everyone that deserves your heart, for they just want to read & dump it rather understand & adore it. For real! Do not allow anyone to play with your gentle heart


Patience in Love part 2

I couldn’t utter a word but just crying. I told him to call me and we can talk better. I met with James the next day and I told him I’m carrying another man’s pregnancy. James said he didn’t care. All he wanted is for me to come back to his life that he will take care of the baby. I said no, I can’t break my boyfriend’s heart. I truly love James, now I’m confused. I decided not to