Date Archive: July, 2020

Post Separation

Permanent separation in a serious relationship makes him/her your ex. Try not to view the separation as something that makes you bitter, distrust, scared for the rest of your life. Rather see the separation as an opportunity to better yourself with the lessons learned from it. It is a good idea to fully heal from the divorce before rushing into another serious relationship. Don’t get scared of messing up in your new relationship but instead see it as an opportunity


His Thoughts

“You are right. I’m scared of falling but it’s okay if I can into your love. I will rather rest on you than in  my pains. Pull me closer and let me feel part of me in you. Your thoughts take my pains away and your kisses wipe off my tears. Forgive me for stealing your heart which is another half of mine but I’m glad we finally became one. I just like the feel of being your little girl.