Date Archive: June, 2020

Women’s Pain

    I am a woman and I have a bunch of love in me. I was built to be able to carry a child that shares the same breath and the same organs with me for nine months, which means I am capable of loving. You should definitely know  I am strong to be able to go through  motherhood business. I am also made to be a warrior which makes me protect my territory with everything I have. I


Emotional Pain

Emotional pain can be tough to deal with because it kills self-esteem and causes the feeling of being broken. It can also feel like a sharp wound, the feeling of being disconnected and the mind can be occupied with a feeling of one’s negativities. Some pains develop to be chronic pain in our lives, this is when one hurts when there are no injuries and this can last for a long time. Now, this is the interesting part about pain,